Concrete Contractors Brownmore Concrete Ltd based in Waihi, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand - Rex Podmore has been working with and in the concreting trade for over 25 years and leads an experienced concrete contracting team for driveways, industrial, paths, patios, residential, rural and community projects. The following explains how we price your concreting job...

There are no set rules with pricing. Every job we do is different, therefore we can't give estimates over the phone. We need to visit your site and check:

  • Access to your site
  • The surface and level of the site
  • Drainage in the area
  • All underground services in the area
  • Calculate the dig out required
  • Calculate soil quantity to be removed
  • Calculate base course required
  • Measure the site

Things we need to consider when Estimating or looking at Your Job

  • What is the area you would like concreted
  • Is there any excavation required or supply of base course etc.
  • Is drainage going to be a factor, does it need a drainage sump
  • Mesh is an option to help lessen the risk of cracking but does not guarantee this
  • Is there access to place the concrete or will a concrete pump be required?
  • What type of concrete would you like – plain, exposed aggregate, colour etc.
  • What sort of finish, taking into account safety
  • Would you like the concrete to be cut with standard cuts or decoratively to look like big tiles
  • Do you have some existing concrete or a kerb that needs to be saw cut?
  • If it is a new vehicle crossing there maybe the need for a Street Opening Permit to consider, which we can obtain from Council
  • Is sealing your concrete an option?

"We take pride in doing a quality job at a competitive rate, and
once armed with the above information we then get back to you with an accurate estimate."


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